BYOD – Bring Your Own Device


We have all heard BYOB at some time in our lives when you have been invited to a party where they asked us to BYOB referring to one of the following: Bring Your Own Beverage.

Well, now we have a few new acronyms, my favorite being BYOD for “Bring Your Own Device”! With all the iPads, ereaders, phones, laptops, tablets, surface tablets, etc, etc., etc - you get the idea.

I have been seeing BYOB on various marketing emails and finally decided to make sure that my assumption of "Bring your own device" was correct. Sure enough I had it right. The interesting thing is that when I first thought about BYOD I thought in terms of friends and family coming to our house. Fact is, most of the emails centered around companies handling their employees bringing in their own devices. While it does save the company money – and make for happier employees because they get to use the device they want – it is causing security issues for companies and the employees. Still, more and more companies are adapting BYOD as in the long run it saves them from having to purchase and maintain the devices.

This new BYOD concept has brought us other terms as well:

BYOT – Bring your Own Technology
BYOP – Bring your Own Phone
BYOPC – Bring your Own PC

If you want to learn more about BYOD you may want to read a few of these online articles

CIO magazine - The Consumerization of IT and BYOD Guide -

PC World - Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Own Device to Work -

TechRepublic - 10 myths of BYOD in the enterprise -

7 Myths About BYOD Debunked - by The Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielsen -

So the next time you meet a friend at your local coffee shop or local restaurant that says they have WIFI, add BYOD to your invitation and see what they say.

For you as a home owner, this means you need to be sure to add security to your WiFi network and be ready for visitors that bring their own devices.

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