Furniture placement can make a HUGE difference in how fast your home Sells!

Furniture Placement for a FAST SALE!

Furniture placement can make a HUGE difference in how fast your home Sells!

Think about it... you walk into one friends house and it feels big and roomy. You walk into another home and it feels cramped and uninviting - even though it is the same size and maybe even the same model home. What makes the difference? "CLUTTER"! We think of pictures as being clutter, but furniture will also create the feeling of "CLUTTER" that can overwhelm a prospective Buyer. More important, prospective buyers can trip and fall on misplaced furniture.

Here are some tips that have helped other sellers I have worked with:

  • The first test is to try to walk in a direct line starting from the front door. If you have to dodge a piece of furniture, then it needs to be moved out the way or even removed all together.
  • Stand in the doorway of each room and determine the "focal point" for the room. This can be a piece of furniture, a picture, or the pillows on a bed or sofa. If furniture is in the way of the buyer walking into the room and walking towards the focal point, then move or remove the item in the way.
  • Remove photos of family and friends. Why? Buyers will end up looking at the photos and not the house which is not what you want.
  • Got Kids? Then you got clutter. A great trick is to rent the PODS. Think of separating out your items into things you need every day, things you don't need until right after you move, and things you just can't get rid of but wouldn't miss. Think of it as an A, B, C situation. The A POD will contain the things you need every day. The B POD will have the things you don't need until right after you move. The C POD and things you just can't get rid of but wouldn't miss. Before you list - or if you have already listed - get a POD and put all the "C" items in it. The Great Thing is that when you have it delivered to your new home it will be like the Kids got all new toys! It is amazing to watch them sparkle with excitement as they "remember" their things. As for the "B" container, that can be done when you move or at the time you list your home - you decide. "A" items go when you move.
  • Remember that Buyers need to "visualize" what it will be like to live in the home. Normally I would say "avoid outdated" furniture and decorating, but you are lucky to live in a time when "retro" is sheek. If your house or furniture is outdated and you can't or don't want to replace it, then accent it and make it look "new". Fresh Paint is inexpense and can make a huge difference. Spend $100 to $200 and buy items to "accent" the decorations and give it a more modern look. Something as simple as a toaster cover can change the focal point of the kitchen and make the buyer "remember" grandma's and fall in love with the home. Also, remember that Buyers have to look at lots of homes so the right small purchase could be the very thing that helps them remember your home.
  • Create conversational areas if you can. Buyers get tired when looking at homes and will often look for a place to sit when reviewing a home. If you have a conversational area they not only have a place to sit, but you have not "hooked" them into experiencing the feeling of what it would be like to live in the home.
  • Plants - not too many, but just enough. Can't afford plants? Hey ask your friends if you can borrow one or two of theirs.
  • Avoid putting all the furniture against the wall, float a sofa or the chairs. You don't want to push everything against the wall, this makes the buyer walk though a conversational area and it will make the room seam too big and impersonal. (And sometimes too far away from the TV!!!)
  • Remember the factor of 3. For accessories, don't use a bunch of small items - try to use simple small items that can be grouped into 3s. Ideally have items of different height. Pick out a few big key pieces and let them stand for themselves with the other two items as accents. Use a green plant as one of the accents or maybe even get a fresh bouquet of flowers. For the kitchen table center piece try flowers or a bowl of fruit.
  • If you have a large room, like a bonus room or game room, and you just don't have a lot of furniture to put in the room, consider buy a rug to ground the area. Place the furniture you have on the rug and it will give the illusion that the room is beautifully decorated.
  • The Master Bathroom is as important as the Living Room … if not more important. This is the “retreat” from the caos of the day. Make it as inviting as possible. Try to mimic what you see at hotels and in home magazines. Simple tricks like colorful towels rolled up and placed in the corner by the tub can totally change the feel of the master bath. Make sure that the towels either tie to the colors of the rugs in the master bath or accent the rugs.
  • Color can make a BIG difference. Take a look at the decorations on TV. Go to Home Depot. Through the decades there has been a transition between greens, browns, reds, and blues. The Pantone color of the year for 2013 is PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Green. Watch TV and you will see lots of rooms painted with bright blues like Home Depots Sugar Pool T12-19. Paint colors tend to go with the economy. As we go into a recession, everyone goes back to the "earth tones". As we come out of a recession we go to bright happy colors like the greens and blues.

As a Homeowner you get use to your surroundings and the placement of your furniture. Furniture often gets moved someplace to accommodate a family member and over time you just can't see the piece of furniture as belonging anywhere else. This is a great reason to get a pair of fresh eyes like an interior designer. An interior designer can come into the room and help you see the best way to arrange the furniture to accommodate the flow of traffic and the focal point to insure a faster sale of the home.

If you want the perspective of "fresh eyes", I can provide it for as little as $75 with my one-hour designer consult.


Kelly at Simply Divine Interiors, LLC

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