Build a Swimming Pool – Start Planning NOW!

Add a Swimming Pool to your Home - Start Planning NOW!

Yes, it is cold outside, but thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home is a great way to escape the cold and take a mini staycation. Start planning your swimming pool addition now in January so you can beat the crowd and get better pricing. Adding a pool to your home adds value and resale potential to your home. At the end of the day, most buyers buy on "emotions". An inviting pool can make a buyer buy a house they might not otherwise be interested in. Why? Well, just like they say to bake cookies so prospective buyers will "invision happy times living in the house" or "think of going to Grandma's", a pool generally brings up images of "laughter" and happy kids.

In fact, in the Houston metro area many buyers specifically search for homes with swimming pools because of the hot summer months here in Houston.

The Internet is a great tool to help you plan your pool. There are websites such as Leslie Pools and Blue Haven Pools that can give you pool ideas. Another great source is Google Images ( Search for topics like:

  • Home Swimming Pool
  • Infinity Pools
  • Plunge Pools

Obviously there will be pictures of pools much larger than you want to build - even perhaps larger than your backyard. Still, write down what attracted your eye to the picture. Many times it is something like a waterfall that can be built into your pool design. Today with faux rock and other options available, there is so much more that you can do to tweak the design and look of your pool to make your backyard become a hidden paradise for you.

Next, identify your goal for your pool. Yes, you can have a goal for a swimming pool. Here are some ideas:

  • Exercise - swimming laps
  • Swim practice for your children
  • Relaxation with floats
  • Play for the children
  • Just cool off

Why does this matter? It affects the size and shape of the pool you select to build. Let's look at each of the "goals" and how they impact the design:


  • Exercise - swimming laps - If you goal is to exercise and do laps, then you will want a longer and straighter pool. You might select to build a long thin pool with just two lap pools, saving more space in the backyard. Likewise, you may want to consider and Endless Pool where you have a current against which you swim. Endless pools are much smaller, but you basically stay in one place while you swim against the current. They take significantly less space and are ideal as an indoor pool giving you year round exercise. Even walking against the current is fantastic resistance training for your legs and muscles.
  • Swim practice for your children - The pool needs for the training athelete are much the same as the person wanting the Exercise. The big difference is to consider the age of the child. If the child is 7, they may become bored with swimming or wish to pursue other sports as they get older. In this case you might want to consider making sure that the pool is large enough for children - and teens - to relax and play in. If the child is 16 and has stuck with their swimming regiment, then consider building a pool for exercising as that will take you through more years of enjoyment.
  • Play for the children - Most people think of just one big pool when they think about children playing in the pool. Before making a commitment, take your children to a local pool. Odds are they will hang around the stairs of the pool playing or use their hands and crawl along the walls of the pool. For this, consider having lots of curves to the pool and a couple of coves with steps where the kids - and you - can hang out. Talk to your pool specialist about the potential of creating longer steps 2 ft to 3 ft wide so the children - or adults - can lay in the shallow water. Children love to play with toys in the pool and this will give them a place to do it.
  • Relaxation with floats - There is nothing like laying on a float in a pool on a hot day. When considering Relaxation as your primary objective for your pool, you may want to consider building a pool like the one designed for children to play in it. Consider having shallow coves with larger steps for those days you just want to cool off and a deeper section for floating. Also, but creating this type of pool, your resale will be higher as you will attract buyers with children.
  • Just cool off - You may find that you don't want to build a pool for this. Perhaps a spa with a waterfall might serve your needs better. There is nothing like ducking under a cool waterfall to drench your body. Likewise, depending upon your setup, you might even be able to add heat to it and make it a hot tub for the winter. With this setup, the ambiance of your backyard will be spectacular and inviting so even when you don't use it, you will want to sit outside and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waterfall.

The other reason to start now is there is great excitement in planning and working to a goal. Even though the pool may not be built until a year from now, you "have something to look forward to". You can budget appropriately and now when you look at your backyard you will see the pool and talk about all the fun times you will have. That is priceless!!!


However, if you want a pool, but don't want to be involved in building one, check out the links below and search homes that already have swimming pools:

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Is there a house you want to see? Let's Go Home Shopping! Cal me - Jason Gracey at RE/MAX Vintage - my number is (281) 376-2755

Didn't find a home of interest? Click here to use our mapping tool to let your fingers do your walking for you so you can find your dream home.


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