Prestonwood Forest in Houston TX Continues to Shine

prestonwood forest houston texas Christmas lights

It’s Christmas time folks and whatever holiday you choose to celebrate aside, this is the season of lights!  In the NW Houston area, one of the top neighborhoods to visit each year for light viewing is Prestonwood Forest, just off Hwy. 249 N (see map below for access points into the neighborhood).  Prestonwood Forest has been serving up holiday cheer to area residents for many years, and this year is the year for it to shine even brighter as it has been rumored that even HGTV may make a visit to this famously bright neighborhood.  The Prestonwood Forest ‘Nite of Lites’ festival runs from Saturday, December 10 to Sunday, January 1. Lights are on daily from 6:30 PM – 10 PM.

If you haven’t been to “Christmas Lights Neighborhood” before then you’re in a for a treat. Residents go all out to decorate their streets and homes with massive amounts of Christmas lights. Many streets have a theme that each neighbor participates in and the neighborhood as a whole offers fun competitions for categories such as best cul-de-sac, best lamp post, best front door, best mailbox, best block.  High traffic congests the area at this time, but no one is upset. In fact, visitors frequently pile into the backs of trucks or on trailers equipped with friends, Christmas tunes and hot chocolate while they meander the neighborhood checking out the displays.

Over the 36+ years that Prestonwood Forest has been hosting the Nite of Lites festival, many families in the area have made a visit to Prestonwood part of their annual holiday tradition. If you’re looking for a new tradition for your family, consider making a visit to Prestonwood Forest. If you do come, here a few rules that the homeowners association has asked visitors to keep in mind and a map of where to access the neighborhood.


1. Have fun!

2. Remember lights are on all days during the Nite of Lites from 6pm until 10pm weekdays and until 11pm on weekends.

3. Visit both sides of our neighborhood (see map – Many visitors miss some of the best decorated houses in our neighborhood by failing to visit the streets between Ravenhurst and Hargrave).

4. Respect our residents and let them in and out of their driveways.


6. Remember to make a bathroom stop before enjoying the lights.

7. Be patient and show courtesy to other visitors.

8. Use caution when backing your vehicle.

9. Feel free to say “Merry Christmas” and “your house looks great” to homeowners who are outside enjoying the event.

10. Have Fun!


1. Drive with your vehicle lights off.

2. Enter our residents’ yards without permission.

3. Think bushes or trees are public bathrooms.

4. Throw trash in the streets or yards.

5. Tamper, adjust or move decorations.

6. Take a souvenir string of lights.

7. Feed the bears (ok maybe you don’t have to worry about this).


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