The House that Burned – A Story of Hope

cypress texas house fire

I think it is probably due to the heavy drought conditions we are living with here in the Houston area, but I’m sure other factors played a hand.  Several homes that I know of over the past year have caught fire.  One burned to the ground killing a teenage girl trapped inside. One started due to a bird nest built near some electrical wiring behind an outside light.  Fires happen when no one expects them because none of us ever expect a home to catch on fire.

There is a home that caught fire about a year ago just a few blocks from my home that has captured my interest. My family and I drive past it every day. For almost 8 months it sat there, empty, after the fire. The top floor windows had been blown out and the roof was blackened. Parts of the siding were completely gone leaving the home exposed. Within two weeks of the fire we watched with interest as the large dumpsters were set up outside and the home was gutted of furniture and debris. Then the home sat. And sat, and sat and sat.

About 4 months ago construction began on the home, and I write this post because every day I drive past this home and see the workers drawing closer and closer to completion. The owners have an entirely new interior to their home. We’ve watched new framing, walls, stairs, windows, and doors go up. The plumber and the cabinet installer have come and each day is bringing the owners closer to their dream of returning home.  The sight of this always lifts my spirits. I think of how they could have sold the home and moved away, but they chose to stay and I find that cheering.

Our neighborhoods here in Cypress, TX are just such a place that people want to stay and build lives.  There are deep connections here to the community. Neighbors know one another and they don’t quit when times are tough and adversity strikes. They help each other, bond, and start again. I hope that the owners of this house will get to move in before Christmas. What a wonderful gift that will be for themselves and their neighbors.


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