End of the Year Chores – Everyone Has Some

End of the year choresWell folks, it is that time of year again. November is already hitting its mid-point and that means that with holiday madness swinging into full gear, January 1 is just around the corner. A time for New Year’s resolutions and inner resolve.  Over here at Great Houston Properties our inner resolve is usually that we will get our taxes filed by February 15, archive the previous years files, and be operating on a newly updated business plan.

What is the readership’s opinion of tax filing and business planning for the independent or small business owner? We use a variety of tools to get our jobs done. This year we will be using an outstanding real estate business planning tool that will be new to us. Past years have been spreadsheets of our own design along with a few cobbled-together online templates that we customized for our own needs.  We are quite excited about our new planning tool. Everything about it is created for the top-producing agent’s needs.

In addition to our business plan we keep our accounting simple. We use Mint.com to track & categorize our expenses over the year and then we whip it all together via Turbo Tax for filing.  Occasionally we seek the review of a CPA to answer questions we may encounter.  Files we store electronically via our on-line back-up service and flash drives here in the office.

We’re starting early this year with our preparations. 2012 is going to be a monumental year. We want to get the jump on it. How about you? What do you do to close out your year, maintain your records and set your mind into action for the coming year?

If making a move for your home or office is in the works for next year, please let me know how I can help.


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