5 Reasons Buyers Choose Existing Resale Homes

5 Reasons Buyers Choose Resale HomesWhy choose an existing re-sale home over a new construction home? Here are five reasons buyers choose to purchase resale home’s in today’s competitive market.

1. Established Neighborhoods. Many buyers love the atmosphere within an established neighborhood over the bare bones feeling in new construction areas. Residents often know each other and know the ins and outs of the subdivision. Buyers can stop and talk with neighbors and get an instant feel for the area, and more popular neighborhoods often become well-known through word-of-mouth.

2. Mature Landscaping. Trees draw people in. They shade the streets and homes and provide a texture to the neighborhood that cannot be reproduced except with time. New construction neighborhoods cannot compete with a beautifully landscaped, mature subdivision. Owners have already spent hundreds of hours over many years to create unique exterior designs and beauty on their lots and many buyers welcome the chance to take over a well-developed landscape instantly.

3. Unique Design. In older neighborhoods there seem to be more exteriors than are more commonly found in newer construction areas. As you drive the streets, each home has it’s own unique flair either because of the original builder design or because of changes the owners have made over time. A buyer may find a home with custom concrete stamped walk-ways or a covered patio or deck. Perhaps there will be fresh paint, shutters, upgraded roofing and siding or a fenced driveway.  A buyer favoring established neighborhoods is often hoping to find a home that is truly unique.

4. Upgrades Without Cost. One of the top draws for re-sale homes is upgrades that the owner’s make to the home while preparing to get it on the market that don’t equate to a rise in the cost of the home.  These are called cosmetic upgrades. They increase the saleability of the home without increasing the price.  Upgrades like this include new paint, carpet, tile, and countertops. Upgraded appliances and fixtures in the home also fall in to this category, and although the price will be more for a home with a pool, buyers will always get the pool at far less than it cost the seller to build it.

5. Premium Location. Location, location, location. There’s no new land being made, so for buyers who wish to be close to a certain map point, the existing neighborhoods close to that spot are going to be high on their list. New construction tends to be further away from town. If living near the job is important for quality of life, then chances are there is already an existing neighborhood in the location nearest the job.

Taking these five points under consideration will help you, as a buyer, consider what is important to you in the next home your purchase.


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