5 Reasons Buyers Choose New Construction

new construction homes in houstonWhy choose a new construction home over an existing re-sale home? Here are five reasons buyers choose to purchase new construction in today’s competitive market.

1. Greater Energy Efficiency. Builders today are using new building techniques and new technologies that enable homes to be much more energy efficient than homes built in years past.


2. Neighborhood Planning and Development. Many newer communities offer buyers opportunity for community living that older neighborhoods do not. Some popular features in today’s newer communities are sidewalks, shopping within the community itself, community activities among residents, and schools within the communities. Pocket parks, splash pads, and dog parks are some other popular new community features that are not found as often in older neighborhoods.

3. Customization. Nothing is quite the same as selecting that special floorplan and all of the amenities that buyers want in a new home. From the paint, tile, and carpet to the appliances to the yard landscaping, customizing their home to make it fit their style is an option many buyers choose when deciding to purchase a new home vs. a re-sale home.

4. Builder Incentives. Many new construction home builders offer new buyers incentives to purchase new construction homes over a re-sale home even in the same neighborhood. Builders frequently offer buyers incentives such as upgraded landscaping or appliances, payment of re-letting fees in the case of a buyer leaving a rental to purchase, and attractive financing options for the buyer if they use the builder’s in-house lender. With all of the incentives included, a new home can sometimes be a better price/sf option than a comparable re-sale.

5. Modern Elevations and Floorplans. Building a new home offers buyers the chance to follow the latest trends and decorating styles in home design by choosing modern floorplans and exterior elevations.  Many older homes do not offer the open floorplans, soaring ceilings, and bonus options such as media rooms that some buyers are searching for.

Taking these five points under consideration will help you, as a buyer, consider what is important to you in the next home your purchase. Stay tuned to read my post on 5 reasons buyers choose re-sale homes for an alternate point of view.


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