My Top 50 Reasons Texas is the Best State in the Union

Recently the Houston Press posted a great blog on the Top 50 things that make Texas great. This was in response to an article by Gawker entitled the The Worst 50 States in America in which Texas ranked 13! You can read both of those articles through the links on this page.  After a few days I decided I wanted to post my own Top 50 Things that Make Texas Great. I liked the Houston Press list, but felt called to throw my list into the ring.  These are not in any particular order!

  1. Home of Shiner Beer and many other awesome local brews such as St. Arnold, Southern Star, and too many others to mention. See a great list here of Texas Craft Breweries.
  2. Blue Bell Ice Cream where locals really do eat all they can and then sell the rest.
  3. Oil and gas production – we have it going on here big time.
  4. Texas is a Right-to-Work state – businesses can actually thrive here.
  5. Texas has a low-cost of living – have you seen Houston housing prices?
  6. University of Texas, Texas A&M University,  and many more great universities call this state home.
  7. From the piney woods to the high desert, from snowy winters to the beach we can showcase almost any terrain.
  8. NASA
  9. The Texas Medical Center – people come from around the world to visit these hospitals and doctors. MD Anderson alone serves 10,000 patients every day.
  10. Austin, Texas – there’s no place like the Live Music Capital of the World or it’s Silicon Hills
  11. Fresh seafood from the Gulf
  12. Amazing BBQ all over this great state
  13. Big Bend National Park
  14. The mysterious Marfa Lights and West Texas in general
  15. Four United States Presidents – Eisenhower, Johnson, Bush 1 & Bush 2
  16. A plethora of spring-fed swimming holes tucked into charming and remote spots all over the state
  17. A bird-lovers paradise – especially along the gulf coast
  18. Lake-side living in more than one area in the state – it’s a way of life you have experience to know what I’m talking about
  19. Big skies – if you’ve never watched a Texas storm roll in I can’t help you understand this one
  20. Texas musicians including Willie Nelson, Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tina Turner, Johnny Mathis, Beyoncé and too many others to name.
  21. Want to see football, hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, la crosse, baseball, swimming, roller derby? You name it, we have a professional team for it.
  22. Tex-Mex is done to perfection here.
  23. And while we’re talking food, let’s not forget sweet tea for every meal, chicken friend steak and fried okra…okra is a vegetable for the non-southerners out there.
  24. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
  25. Dallas State Fair of Texas
  26. Homegrown, organic produce, grains, fruits, nuts, dairy, poultry and meats are locally available in many areas and supported by some grocers.
  27. San Antonio Riverwalk
  28. Guns and gun lovers aplenty
  29. Exotic game hunting
  30. Excellent sport fishing in both salt and fresh water environments
  31. Friday Night Lights – it’s the real deal here and not just in the small towns
  32. Big trucks and SUVs everywhere – no apologies
  33. Dallas Cowgirls – an iconic group worth mentioning
  34. Texas Rangers and our hardworking border patrol agents
  35. SXSW
  36. Austin Film Commission
  37. Don’t Mess With Texas” – one of the best slogans for a state I’ve ever heard.
  38. Texans in general still consider ourselves to be our own country.
  39. We really are “The Friendship State” in that our citizens pride themselves on being friendly to others.
  40. Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio continually make top 10 lists for best places to live and work.
  41. Yes, everything really is bigger in Texas.
  42. Dog, horse, and auto racing for the speed demons in all of us.
  43. Largest state capital building in the US and the 5th tallest made almost entirely of pink granite.
  44. Texas Wineries – we’ve come a long way baby.
  45. The Painted Churches of Texas
  46. Tubing the Guadalupe River and Schlitterbahn Water Parks – classic!
  47. Home of Dr. Pepper – best served with salted peanuts dumped in the bottle or a fresh lime for authentic Texas experience.
  48. Texas Longhorn Cattle
  49. Texas Homeschooling is supported and encouraged here without hassle (yes, 2 of my 4 kids are homeschoolers)
  50. A fiercely independent people with fantastic community spirit and civic pride.

2 thoughts on “My Top 50 Reasons Texas is the Best State in the Union

  1. Don’t forget that California produces most of America’s culture as shown in movies and music plus silicon valley in San Fran bay area is the home of some of the world’s most influential tech companies that put America even more in the spot light.. Texas is a great state but theres no way it can match California’s influence on a global stage.

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