Renaissance 1960 Moves Forward With TIRZ Plans

Here in the Cypress and Tomball area, many residents seek to avoid the congested jumble of businesses and roadways that make up the FM 1960 corridor from Hwy. 249 to I-45.  However, as one of the most detested areas of road for those of us in the area, it is good to know the Renaissance 1960, a local non-profit dedicated to breathing life back into this stretch of community, is hard at work.  If you’ve been down along the FM 1960 area lately, even near Willowbrook Mall, you may have noticed that instead of a two-way center turn lane, there are now landscaped esplanades with one way turning lanes.  Some of the landscaping is not complete yet, but the plan is to increase green space and decrease traffic congestion along the road. 

Now, a TIRZ, or Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, is in the works. Although this is a longer term solution to pumping money back into this area, it is a great way to draw businesses to the area with incentives.  A TIRZ works because of increased property tax value in the area.  The group seeks to work closely with area groups such as MUDS, the Northwest Chamber and others to make this happen. Read more about this project at Community Impact News.

A great way to get involved with halting the downward slide of this part of FM 1960 is to become involved with the Northwest Houston Chamber of Commerce. 

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