Tuckerton Road Scheduled for Expansion

In late September some of you may have seen in Community Impact that Harris County and the Caldwell Development Companies are working together to expand Tuckerton Road from Fry Road, through Towne Lake Community and connect to Huffmeister Road.  This will be a major east-west thoroughfare and offer an easier connection to residents along Fry Road to locations such as the Berry Center, Lonestar College, and retail shopping.

Because the project will cross private property owned by Caldwell, the property’s owners are required to construct two one-way lanes and proper drainage for the section of the road that passes through the property. They will also construct three segments of the road that run through Towne Lake.  If usage is as popular as is expected, Harris County will most likely come back and add an additional two lanes to the roadway making it a four-lane road.

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