What’s So Special About Master Planned Communities?

Wikipedia defines a master-planned community as follows:

“A planned community, or planned city is any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed in a previously undeveloped area. This contrasts with settlements that evolve in a more ad hoc fashion. Land use conflicts are less frequent in planned communities since they are planned carefully.”

In the Houston area, there are a growing number of master planned communities to choose from and residents of Harris County are responding by relocating to these large communities in large numbers.

Why would a buyer choose a master-planned community over the typical subdivision? Here are few reasons that attract purchasers:

  1. Unmatched planning design and architecture.  Most communities are very large and feature several builders, so there is a wide variety of styles, floor plans, and pricing, but the overall layout and feel of the community will retain cohesiveness to the master plan.
  2. Large open spaces abound. These large communities often feature large parklands, hike & bike trails, playgrounds, sports areas, fishing ponds, community centers and swimming pools. Whereas a typical subdivision may offer one or two of these amenities, they are smaller and not always available. The planned community is based on the premise that the houses are only a small part of the charm of the community. Amenities such as these are the heart and soul of what makes these planned communities an island unto themselves.
  3. A feeling of real community is fostered.  Feelings of community are part of what draw residents to a planned community.  Residents strive to build community relationships with neighbors, and children find many others their age to grow and play with.  Community events are often sponsored by resident’s associations and neighbors themselves tend to be very outgoing.  Residents in these planned communities are seeking (& creating by their own actions) a better quality of life and feelings of security.
  4. A wise financial investment.  Homes in planned communities do not typically lose their value and can even become worth more than surrounding neighborhoods. A planned community has codes and covenants in place that protect the value of the homes, ensure proper upkeep of properties, and guarantee a consistency of growth within the community.

Chris Fiscelli, writing for the Reason Public Policy Institute, refers to Master-Planned Communities as “suburbia’s response to the boring, cookie-cutter, detached globs of housing that still make up much of America’s suburban nation.”

If you are considering a master-planned community in Houston, you will find there are many choices available. Some of the communities are centered on a theme such as golf, water-sports, equestrian or tennis; while others are more general.  Most offer elementary schools within the community along with easy access to your daily shopping needs and commuter routes.  Contact me if you want to buy a home in Houston Texas in a planned community that matches your particular interests or location needs and I’ll be happy to give you a list. I can be reached at Jason@kw.com or www.GreatHoustonProperties.com.


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