UGH! Slime in the Garden!

Slimey looking mounds are growing in the mulch. They look really ferocious, they grow in a wide variety of textures and colors, and can be seen spreading across the mulch or soil in many gardens. They are thriving on the decomposing materials used in the mulches. Roll them between your fingers and a dark powder may release. You might be tempted to break out a fungicide to wipe out the growth; but wait! Most slime molds are only cosmetically inconvenient. Unless they begin to overpower seedlings they can be taken out by a brisk roughing up of the mulch or soil with a rake or hoe. If they are found in the turf you might choose to thoroughly rinse the area with the spray of water from the hose; or if the problem persists a baking soda spray solution will remove the sooty coatings on the grass blades. Wet weather encourages the growth and spread of the molds. Choose an inexpensive, homemade, organic remedy or commercially available organic product by checking out Howard Garrett’s website,; or check his book out from the library Texas Gardening the Natural Way; The Complete Handbook for effective home recipes and an extensive list of Texas adaptive plants, shrubs and trees. ~~Jenny J


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