Real Estate in a “Down” Market

   What goes up, must come down….Isn’t that how the saying goes. Well, while most of us did not benefit from the housing bubble, we are all paying the price for the ‘Burst’. Even the über rich are not immune, checkout these high- priced foreclosures.

So where is the silver lining on this dark cloud hanging over us? Wherever you look for it, that’s where!

Perhaps you are a move up buyer. “But Jason, we are going to lose money when we sell our home.” Not necessarily. Even if you ‘lose’ 10k when selling, if you ‘save’ 20k when purchasing your move up home, you have gained 10k. Maybe moving up, or just plain moving, is not the best step for you to take right now. You might consider home improvement projects for your enjoyment today that could mean more $ when the time is right for you to sell. While you will never get dollar for dollar out of home improvement projects, here are some ideas on which projects might make sense for you. 
Email for a FREE market analysis of your homes value and to find out if now is the right time for you to move.

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